About Us

AÉTOS SÉCURITÉ PRIVÉE is a French private security company (as defined in article L 611-1 of book VI of the internal security code),

Offer a wide range of security solutions to buisnesses with all shapes and activities.

Since it’s creation in 2009, AETOS SECURITE PRIVEE gained a solid experience, a serious profesionalism and a strong reliability appreciated by either our clients and collegues.

Liven up by values as simple and fundamental as discipline, responsiveness and respect of our engagements, always with the desire to offer a perfectly adequate answer to our clients needs in adequation with the security services market.

Multi-skilled, we are able to offer a wide range of services allowing us to entirely securize your facilities, including it’s indoor and outdoor installations.

AETOS SECURITE PRIVEE expertise and quality services have been reknown on the security for poeple and goods market.

Indeed, from its size, agility and its reactivity, AETOS SECURITE PRIVEE is able to manage efficiently any type of market, among witch of important local or international levels.

Our financial stability and soundness is an additional strengh making AETOS SECURITE PRIVEE the perfect reliable partner.

Offer by type of plants / locations

  • Sensible locations : Banks and financial facilities / Administrations / Communities / Officies blocks, Jewelleries, Hotel sand other accomodations / Public Hospital and Heatlh Institutions, Schools and Universities…
  • Events : private receptions / Shows / Sport events / Seminaries / General Assembly Meetings…
  • Industrial facilities : Warehouses / Production plants / Parkings lots / Buildings / Construction sites…

AETOS SECURITE PRIVEE We put all our skills and know-how in security carreer with our dedicated and reactive team 24h/24h and 7d/7.

Security and prevention agent

Doghandler securityy agent / canine unit

Fire prevention

Event security

Mobile response and security

Physical integrity protection – AETOS PROTECTION affiliates

Network/ technologies Security

Consulting and Audit

Thanks to our local network, AÉTOS SÉCURITÉ PRIVÉE delivers an effective, high -quality and timely response to customers requirements.

Our Responsibilities

  • AÉTOS SÉCURITÉ PRIVÉE provides full service regarding your situation and offers a strategy according to your needs.
  • Our strategies apply trhougt the diversity of carreers we meet and their strong skills amongst our team.
  • Starting from a full audit or your facilities in order to enlighten it’s sensitive points. based on our study, we are able to quickly provide the human and material ressources for an optimal security solution.
  • Our engagement is based on a permanent partnership with our customers. Efficient communication allows each parties to a better understanding of needs as much as a clear appreciation of the possible risks encountered.
  • we employ and train qualified staff in various careers (Security and prevention agentDoghandler securityy agent / canine unit, Security and prevention agentFire prevention , Mobile response and security, SSIAP 1, 2 & 3, and physical integrity protection – AETOS PROTECTION affiliates)
  • Our servvices expertises is provided by a carefull and skilled staff, sucessfull and dynamic, concerned with your companies and brand name’s public image.
  • The practice of private security meet an authorization from the CNAPS, therefore, as a serious professionnl of security services AÉTOS SÉCURITÉ PRIVÉE commit to the strictest respect of laws and reglementations in vigor.
  • We carefully select our staff based on integrity, awareness, experience and customer service orientation.
  • guidelines :
  • • constant attentiveness for our clients
  • • responsiveness and professionalism.
  • • Customer service orientation
  • • Values of respect and trustworthiness
  • We attach strong importance to an impeccable presentation, as much as appropriate behaviour being two indespensibles conditions of our agents profesionalism.
  • Each and every one or your staff member holds a professional card, proof of his professionalism and his probity.
  • We provide from at least one distintive feature, such as an identificable badge, along with a recogniszable work gear compatible with each service.
  • Reliable and performants means of radio or telecommunication.
  • We provide paper or electronic forms and record books, in order to keep a trace of each reported events and a every anomaly on your facility during our frequent controls.
  • AÉTOS SÉCURITÉ PRIVÉE systematically concludes written contracts with all staff members
  • Through supervision, AÉTOS SÉCURITÉ PRIVÉE defines the missons and provides all required equipements.
  • A professional card certifies agent fulfill every requirement to their activities.
    It includes a record number delivered by the CNAPS authority, and identity protograph, with name, surname, date and place of birth, expiration date and activity conducted.
  • We deliver a quality service evaluated and controled by AÉTOS SÉCURITÉ PRIVÉE inspectors.They regularly proceed to control visits without notices in order to check on our staff members profesionnalism through their impeccable presentation and behaviour.