Mobile Security and Intervention

When the permanent presence of a bodyguard is unnecessary, their intervention is yet important in case of emergency in sites with remote or video surveillance. We put a mobile security network with professional bodyguards that have at least SSIAP1 qualification. These officers are provided with communication tools linked to the basic service of Aétos Sécurité Privée, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They are also provided with a tablet, lone worker phone, flashlight, and all equipment needed for any intervention.

Our missions

  • Patrol when opening and closing the site
  • Scheduled or random patrols depending on the client’s recommendation
  • Staff supervision
  • Intervention in case of emergency
  • Security of industrial or residential areas
  • Assistance to those who get stuck in the elevators until the intervention of lift professionals

Intervention upon alarm

The intervention < doubt removal > is necessary to check the source of any alarm received by the remote surveillance.

It is trigged and executed according to instructions established and validated beforehand by the client, within a short period of time, with motorized teams divided by geographic locations. The intervenors are always in touch with the remote surveillance that manages the operations. Once arrived and after a patrol, they take the appropriate preventive measures.

The intervenors can never replace the gendarmerie and the police who should be automatically called in case of an intrusion or interference recorded. If the alarm is caused by a technical problem, the intervenors are not allowed the leave before fixing it.

Each intervention should be communicated to the client by a written report.