Fire safety

A fire warden with SSIAP 1, 2, and/or 3 qualifications (Security Services for Emergencies and Personal Assistance), is in charge of fire prevention in buildings that require external rescue interventions with professional tools. The ones concerned are those that are public, high-rise, or industrial.

Principal activities

  • Victims rescue
  • Presence in the security main station (PC surveillance
  • Calling and receiving the service of public rescue
  • Patrol and surveillance of main points with the adequate tools
  • Reading and manipulating the signs
  • Applying the safety instructions
  • Maintaining and verifying the facilities and equipment
  • Providing fire permits in case the power delegated by the head of the institute or their substitute is legal

SSIAP 1 : Fire Warden

Respect the instructions
Operate the security station
Practice call reception
Patrol and resolution of concrete cases
Practical application of safety instructions validated by the head of the institute.

Implementing fire extinguishing equipment
Practice extinguishment to maintain learned skills (fire extinguishers and fire hose stations)
Call and receive public rescue services

SSIAP 2 : Chief of fire wardens’ team

Managing fire wardens’ team and controlling their performance,
Reporting potential threats to the site security,
Providing feedback to the relevant management line about any noticed malfunction.
Perfectly executing security instructions.
Managing technical incidents and reporting them to the managers
Providing fire permits in case the power delegated by the head of the institute or his substitute is legal.
Organizing training for the team members.

SSIAP 3 : Head of fire safety service

Managing the security service

Monitoring current regulations that focus on property and individual protection
Advising the head of the fire safety establishment
Assisting the team within his establishment
Helping the head of the establishment in supervision and maintenance.

These officers receive continuously a proficiency endorsement, in accordance with current regulations.