Protection of Individuals

With respect to current regulations, our subsidiary AETOS PROTECTION is completely dedicated to protecting individuals.

No matter the sensitivity or the level of protection asked from our client; whether in the field of business, politics, sports, or entertainment; in France or overseas (outside the USA and Canada); our experienced and professional staff, from the civilian or military communities, are well-trained to be adopted to any environment. In addition to that, whether the protection is noticeable or not, our excellent services and professional staff are guaranteed.

Whether it is a short- or long-term mission, or support for expatriates, the Aétos protection team is well accustomed to the techniques involved in risk and threat detection, close-combat techniques, or commercial operations safety.

Our services

  • Private Protection of individuals
  • Supervision in France or overseas (outside the USA and Canada)
  • Risk and threat evaluation
  • Environmental Audit
  • Motorized bodyguards and logistical facilities
  • Electronic and canine detection
  • Additional services (drivers, armored cars, etc.)

Since our services are so sensitive, our collaborators are committed to respecting the code of ethics and confidentiality.